The ‘X’ Generation and 1980s Nostalgia

As the world enters the 2020s, many people look back on the 1980s as a simpler, more innocent time; one characterized by excellent pop music, iconic films and TV shows, and ridiculous hairstyles. This is especially the case for everyone who came of age in the 1980s, who are now commonly known as ‘Generation Xers.’

This blog site is devoted to all the things fondly remembered from that bygone era, from ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Magnum, PI’ to Pac-Man and the Atari 2600 video-game console. Here, readers will find a range of insightful essays and articles celebrating the decade that will long be remembered as ‘totally tubular!’

Freddie Mercury as a Legendary Style Icon

6 May 2021

Freddie Mercury was the frontman and lead vocalist of the British rock band Queen. He was also a legendary style icon in the '80s because he looked fantastic regardless of what he wore. He could pull off a classy and fabulous style. He also looked unforgettable in drag.

The Karate Kid and Its Classic Lessons

28 Mar 2021

"Sand the floor", "wax on, wax off", and "paint the fence" were the words a teacher, Mr. Miyagi, used to teach his student, Daniel, the art of karate. While they may seem as if they're instructions for house chores, they're memorable lines from an '80s classic, The Karate Kid.